Search Engine Marketing

Pay per click advertising is one of the primary ways to drive prospects to your site, but are you sure your advertising is fully optimized? Using the wrong keyword or having an iffy bidding strategy can cost your business thousands of dollars -- without delivering the results that you should be getting. Search engine marketing is extremely effective, but only when you are continually reviewing your account to ensure that you aren't overspending on under-performing keywords. See how the search engine advertising team at The Buffalo News can help drive more buyers to your site.

Benefits of Professional Search Engine Advertising

Get reports that detail your clickthrough rates, leads and sales on a regular basis, so you can make solid business decisions about your PPC advertising. Our experts provide a hands-on approach to budget optimization and trend analysis, so you can be sure that your search engine marketing is always working hard for your business. Having a dedicated pay per click advertising professional allows you to see the results of frequent A/B testing so you can see how campaigns and keywords should be tweaked for the best possible performance.

Immediate Visibility -- Exceptional Control

Need to run a quick sale or drive traffic to a flagging product line? Search engine marketing can provide an immediate rush of leads to your website, where you can encourage visitors to learn more about your brand and make a purchase. You'll appreciate having an exceptional level of control over your advertising, as there are extensive geotargeting and other options available to capture the attention of your ideal audience.

Your PPC advertising budget probably isn't limitless, which makes it crucial that you utilize every dollar as effectively as possible. The search engine advertising professionals at The Buffalo News are standing by to review your current strategies and help create ads that will make a measurable impact on your business. Contact us today at 716-849-4597 or via email to