Internet Advertising

Are you still advertising directly to the viewers of a specific website? If so, it's time to take a look at targeted internet advertising and what it could mean for your business. Years ago, marketers wasted valuable advertising dollars communicating with every user of a specific website -- even though only a portion was their target audience. Today's online ads are much more sophisticated, allowing you to create specific web advertising that is targeted to individuals.

Targeting Individuals, Not Websites

Creating a targeting profile of your ideal prospect could pull from a range of demographic, psychographic and web browsing information. When someone views a particular product on a retail website, you can drop a browser cookie on their machine. This allows you to retarget the user with internet ads for the product they browsed for -- but didn't purchase.

Follow Users Across the Web

Online ad targeting allows your internet advertising to follow users across the web, taking away any perceived boundaries of only advertising on a single site. This level of microtargeting is available for sites within a particular advertising network of sites that all work together to provide the most relevant and actionable online ads to users.

Encouraging Specific Actions

More than 90% of people looking for a specific product have not made their decision before starting their search. When you consider that people are distracted extremely quickly, it's clear that closing a browser window could cause your brand to be disregarded accidentally as part of the search process.

Targeted web advertising allows you to reach out across the internet and grab these customers before they get away -- encouraging them to take specific actions such as responding to a sale or learning a new fact about your brand. Ready to get started optimizing your targeted online advertising? Contact the digital marketing professionals at The Buffalo News today at 716-849-4597 or via email to