Video Marketing

Video is an extremely compelling medium, allowing you to quickly tell stories and share information with your audience. If your video marketing strategy isn't hitting on all cylinders, you might find your competitors outpacing you online. Creating videos that impact your audience starts with a solid understanding of storytelling, marketing and branding tactics -- and how to tie them together into a cohesive project. See how The Buffalo News can help capture your audience's attention while highlighting your products or services.

More Than Moving Pictures

There are many organizations that can help illustrate your story with imagery, sound and graphics -- but are they truly telling a story? Our team of creative storytellers look for ways to bring emotion into the project, creating a compelling case for your products and services that informs as well as delights.

Greater Optimization, Higher Customer Retention

Video content marketing is fantastic for purposes of SEO, but it has also been shown to boost customer retention rates. Customers who have a better understanding of a product or service before they make a purchase are more likely to be pleased with the results and become repeat buyers. Online video marketing allows you to simplify complex ideas and present them in a way that makes sense quickly.

Increased Conversion Opportunities

Including a video as part of your sales funnel greatly improves conversion -- some marketers say by as much as 71%! Plus, studies show that 78% of people watch videos online every week. If you're not including a video content strategy as part of your marketing mix, you risk losing an entire swath of your potential audience.

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